Mr. Joyce holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from UNCG & is a licensed massage therapist (LMBT#06096) holding an Advanced Certification in MyoSkeletal Alignment Techniques®.  He currently teaches Taiji, Women’s Self Defense (Golden Thread System), Fencing (Winston-Salem Fencing Club) and is the founder of the popular website, The Combative Corner (here).

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tn-boydandboyLEVEL ONE INSTRUCTOR:::... Boyd Bailey is a NC Licensed & nationally certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist practicing in Winston-Salem (NC) since 1997.  Body began playing Taijiquan around 1994, studying Yang Style with senior students of Tao Ping-Siang in Seattle, WA.  Boyd began Chen Style Taijiquan in 2003 with Joyce Laoshi, and has completed the requirements of instructorship through CFHTJ.  Talented in calligraphy, his work can be seen & purchased (his Flickr page).  *The symbol “tranquility” is displayed on the above “ChenCenter Title Header.”  He is certified to teach the following: (1) 12 Posture Chen Set of Master Yang Yang, (2) 24 Posture Hunyuan of GM Feng Zhiqiang and (3) Yilu (81) Practical Method Form

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tn-mikecLEVEL ONE INSTRUCTOR ::… Mike Cleary was certified to teach the 24-form of Hunyuan Taijiquan in June 2008.  Mr. Cleary has been involved in martial arts since 1982.  He holds a black belt in both Jujitsu and Karate.  He offers classes in both Winston-Salem and King, NC and is currently holding classes at the Stokes County YMCA.

Visit his website at: www.carolinataiji.com


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3 Responses to “ABOUT US”

    Anyone who ever wanted to learn self-defense needs to sign up for Coach Joyce’s class and read his book. Professional, to-the-point, easy to follow and direct instruction, using analogies and real-life situations that stay with you long after you leave the lesson floor. I’ve taken several lessons with Coach Joyce and plan on signing up for the next class. If you ever have fear, or doubt your abilities to protect yourself walking down the street, go take one lesson with Michael – he’ll show you differently. – Deb

  2. I’m interested in local fencing classes, can you provide additional information regarding your offerings?


    Randy Mastin

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